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About college

department logo The College of Science was established in 2005. Currently, there are four departments (including graduate institutes): the Department of Mathematics Education (with M.S. and M.S. of Job training elementary school teachers teaching), Department of Science Application and Dissemination (with M.S. of Science Education, M.S. of environmental education and Management and M.S. of Job training environmental education and Management) Department of Computer and Information Science (with M.S.), Department of Digital Content and Technology (with M.S. and M.S. of Job training); including mathematics, science, and technology fields. The curriculum of College of Science emphasis on sociality need and development with own characteristics. In order to correspond with NTCU’s transform orientation, the goals of College of Science not only prepare of science and mathematical teachers, but also focus on the R&D for learning technology. The educational aims are cultivate students’ potential qualities, professional skill, noble moral character and vocational specialty.
department flagThe cooperation of teachers in the College of Science is continues to improve the teaching and research, and the research team works that organized by four departments’ faculties is keep ongoing.
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