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Develop Plan

1. To promote teaching quality for respective departments.
2. To understand the need from students, and focus on student career counseling.
3. To enlarge the feature activate for every departments, and encourage both teachers and students join academia and industry collaboration.
4. To unify the research resources from every departments in the College of Science. The College of Science will develop the collaboration research plan, to strive for the grant in aid and also government, to promote teaching and service quality.
5. To enhance the communication and cooperation between college, department, and school.





Develop Emphasis

1. To Enhance course program and promote teaching quality.
2. To improve laboratory equipment and manage functions.
3. To hold academic seminar, in order to heave research quality.

4. To integrate the resources in every departments, and apply for the PHD course.

5. To tone up industry-academia collaboration for student to have more chances on practical training and getting jobs.
6. To increase the frequency and depth of advertisement toward schools in different level, promote the application of research results actively.