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Education Targets

1. To train students with strong theory basis and outstanding practicing ability in both mathematic, science, and information application.
2. To train students with conscientious and responsibility attitude, help them become professional person who can cooperate with others.
3. To train students with Interdisciplinary integrating abality and great vision.
4. To train students with actively attitude to create and ability to solve problem


Critical Abilities

1-1 Students with basic mathematic and science knowledge in every field.
1-2 Students with the ability to represent science applications and information technology.
2-1 Students with team-work, communication, and negotiation abilities.
3-1 Students who can understand science and future digital information development in order to interact with society.
3-2 Students with the ability to connect science and humanism.
4-1 Students with the ability to design and execute the seminar.
4-2 Students with the ability to systematize questions and thinking in a creative way to solve problem.


The Corresponding Figure